Today, well into our morning routine of sitting at the table together sipping on hot drinks before the sun rises, we realized something…

IMG 7366

Our balcony was covered in a blanket of snow!  It was so dark outside we hadn’t noticed even though we’d been sitting right in front of it for nearly 30 minutes, but the moment we did, we threw on our coats and boots {in between shrieks of ‘It’s snowing, Papa!  It’s snowing!’, of course} and headed outside to play.  It was heavy and sticky – the perfect snow for building things with, which made it that much better.

IMG 7368

IMG 7369

IMG 7371

IMG 7374

IMG 7379

IMG 7384

IMG 7386

IMG 7388

IMG 7389

After two rounds of balcony play – the first when dark and the second when light – we decided to bring the snow indoors to share with Papa. ☺

IMG 7392

I set Miss G up with a big towel and a few very basic kitchen items, and then she got to playing.

IMG 7395

IMG 7401

IMG 7404

Of course that involved playing with her feet too!

IMG 7405

The best part?  Once we’d finally convinced Brad that snow was a worthy cause for getting out of bed, he and Miss G made this adorable mini indoor snowman together.  So much fun!


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