Al Farsi International Kite Festival

Oh my goodness… Grae and I had the loveliest morning today.  After an unsuccessful attempt at getting out to the Al Farsi International Kite Festival yesterday, this morning Miss G and got ready, jumped into our SUV, and headed south into the desert.  We saw a huge herd of camels along the way, which is always exciting, but Miss G was extra impressed by the fact that there were two that were so light that they looked bright white. ☺  Not long after the camels, we spotted a group of huge, colourful kites on the opposite side of the highway and we knew that we’d found what we were looking for.

Despite the fact that we arrived an hour later than we intended to (an hour after opening), we were some of the first people to arrive and Miss G loved the fact that we pretty much had the entire place to ourselves.  Arabic music was bumping, new kites were being put up by the kite team one after the other, and all sorts of bouncy castles were begging to be jumped in.  It was a blast.

We ended up staying for a couple of hours, and Miss G was treated like a little queen the entire time.  Everywhere we went, she got smiles, hellos, offers of face painting, and invitations to colour, and she actually ended up leaving with a mylar balloon, a Kuwait kite, and a wrapped gift.  We also ended up sharing an order of french fries, which in our family, is pretty much the treat of the century.

Here’s our morning in photos…

IMG 9019

IMG 9023

IMG 9025

IMG 9035

IMG 9040

IMG 9045

IMG 9048

IMG 9050

IMG 9056

IMG 9063

IMG 9065

IMG 9066

IMG 9069

IMG 9071

IMG 9074

IMG 9075

IMG 9077

IMG 9080

IMG 9085

IMG 9086

IMG 9088

IMG 9090

IMG 9093

IMG 9098

IMG 9097

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