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LEGO Marble Maze | Mama Papa Bubba

This is by no means a new idea, but after our scheduled morning pool party didn’t happen due to car issues, this LEGO marble maze totally cheered Miss G up!  If I remember correctly, I the first LEGO marble maze I saw was by Ness of One Perfect Day, and while a maze made out of LEGO can basically be however you want it to be, her LEGO marble run post has lots of great tips and tricks. 

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Grae and I just went for it, using our biggest green base plate and an assortment of colourful bricks to create a nice wide maze path for our jumbo marble, from one opening to the other.

IMG 1414

While the building part was fun, playing was even better!  Grae and I had a good giggle as we took turns trying to roll our huge marble from one side to the next without jumping it over one of the walls or off of the board all together.  And while a second layer of bricks would have remedied that issue, we welcomed the extra challenge and went with it. ☺


Of course really cool things warrant sending a video to Papa at work, so here it is…

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  1. This is amazing! We have 2 boys 7 & 9. Just taking our first road trip over 4 hours. They played with these for over 4 hours. Genius! Thanks for sharing!!!

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