Watermelon Dessert Pizza

Watermelon Dessert Pizza | Mama Papa Bubba

Oh my goodness… I’ve been wanting to make this for ages, but with seedless watermelon not generally available in Kuwait, I’ve had to practice using alll of my patience {until today}.  Lucky for me, seedless watermelon was the first thing I saw when I walked into our local grocery store here in Germany, so obviously, this watermelon dessert pizza was meant to be!  ☺  

It’s sort of a mix of the amazing whipped cream covered watermelon cakes that have been floating around the internet for a long while now and the more recent fruit-topped watermelon ‘pizzas’ that have taken over this season.  Hey, best of both worlds.

IMG 1931

To make our watermelon dessert pizzas, we started out by whipping some cream.  Now if I were at home {Canada or Kuwait – any ‘home’}, I’d have sweetened it with a little bit of pure maple syrup and a touch of pure vanilla, but since we had neither in our cupboards here in Heidelberg, we used a little bit of Okanagan honey and it was still delicious.

IMG 1934

See?  The proof is in the very enthusiastic beater licking.

IMG 1928

Besides our freshly whipped cream and the watermelon, we got out some unsweetened coconut flakes, some blueberries, a nectarine, a couple of kiwis, plus a knife and a piece of paper towel.  Fruit-wise, anything could go here of course.

IMG 1935

IMG 1936

With our toppings prepped and ready to go, I used a long knife to cut a couple of inch-thick slices of melon and then sliced each as you would a pizza.

IMG 1939

IMG 1940

My little sous chef then transferred the plain watermelon pizzas onto a couple of serving plates and blotted the tops dry so that the whipped cream would have more staying power.

IMG 1944

Then it was time for the fun part – decorating!!  Miss G wanted to know how each element of our dessert pizza correlated to real pizza ingredients, so we started by adding a generous amount of ‘sauce’ {a.k.a. the whipped cream!}

IMG 1946

Up next was a generous sprinkling of our ‘cheese’…  Coconut flakes!

IMG 1948

And then it was time for the toppings – the chopped fruit!

IMG 1950

Grae decided to decorate her watermelon pizza with this lovely and slightly abstract ‘G’…

IMG 1954

And I went for this slightly more ‘traditional’ fruit design.

IMG 1959

IMG 1962

Aren’t they pretty when done?

IMG 1964

Now while our watermelon dessert pizzas were supposed to be just that – DESSERT, I fully admit that they quickly became dinner instead…   Why?  Well, 1) Because who wants to wait to eat something so delicious?  2) Because I really didn’t feel up to making a proper dinner.  And 3) Because we’d had a late lunch and really didn’t need a full on dinner.

IMG 1966

So watermelon dessert pizza for dinner it was.

And it was delicious!


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  1. Oh.my.goodness. This is so darn cute! My child happens to LOVE watermelon – I think he would really enjoy this project. Thanks for another fun idea!


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