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Frog Pond Sensory Play | Mama Papa Bubba

This week Miss G and I have been enjoying an old favourite – some slimy frog pond sensory play!  It’s funny how some things just never seem to get old…  I love that about play – it sort of just evolves with the child as she grows and changes herself.  

IMG 5139

Originally this whole frog pond idea started as a very simple sensory bin when Miss G was tiny.  Then, over time it became a frog pond bath, and eventually it took on a new form as an invitation to play and create with slime in one of the classes I was teaching at Bright Minds in Kuwait.  We’ve played with it this way for a couple of years now, and at five and a half, Miss G still thinks it’s fun and cool, which I love.

IMG 5108

Of course what’s not to love about making and playing with your own homemade slime?!  I still love playing with it – let alone Miss G!  {You can find our recipe here.}  Add to it a variety of colourful loose parts and you’ve got yourself all sorts of fun!

IMG 5157One thing we did this time that we haven’t done before is store it how we traditionally store our play dough kits.  This keeps everything nice and organized and makes it super easy for Miss G to grab the kit and set herself up independently.


For more details, pop on over to CBC Parents and check out our Frog Pond Sensory Play post.


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3 thoughts on “Frog Pond Sensory Play

    1. Fingers crossed for you, Brigitte! You can also use many liquid starches and laundry detergents that have the same active ingredient in them. My friend Asia from Fun at Home With Kids has a great post on making slime when Borax isn’t available where you live. Let me know if you want it and I’ll dig up the link for you!

      1. Ah yes, you just reminded me that I saw a link last night for Borax free Slime on my Pinterest page that I put up there a while ago. I’ve just checked it out as well as Fun At Home With Kids various links. Thank you. I’ve just got in touch with Bunnings and they have it so I’ll try your one out first. It seems easier … I must say, I do love your very clean, very straight forward layouts. Being a graphic designer, I just love a good layout. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ve just spent so long looking, all my daughter is interested in now is “making a cake”. She gets out a variety of random ingredients on a mat on the floor and improvises. It’s so funny!!! Gotta love some improvising.

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