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Oh goodness… Have this little guy and I ever been having fun lately!  When Miss G was this same age, we were in a major state of transition {hello packing up an entire life overseas, moving home to Canada, staying with family for several months, and then resettling in a different city} and doing fun little activities probably wasn’t at the very top of my priority list.  But this time around, things are different…  We’re a year into being back in Canada {for the second time}, Miss G is now in school full days {*gasp*}, and I get to spend my days with our sweet little preemie babe who seems to be curious about almost everything.

Today’s fun?  Exploring hot and cold – a very simple activity inspired by the curious little hands wanting to investigate my cup of morning coffee. ☺

IMG 9828

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In order to make playing with ice and hot water baby safe, I turned to my collection of plastic VOSS water bottles.  You can use any sort of bottles for sensory activities like this one of course, but I love these because of their completely smooth surface and wide mouth.  Plus the stickers remove perfectly if you’re careful about it, which is a total perk in my books.  {Fellow Canadians, you can find plastic VOSS water bottles at Shopper’s Drug Mart, just fyi.}

IMG 9867

I simply filled one bottle with ice and the other with hot {but obviously not scalding} tap water…

IMG 9832

And put them out for Sam to investigate.

IMG 9831

Of course they went straight into his mouth – his number one tool for investigating the world around him.

IMG 9833

IMG 9841

IMG 9842

At first I just sat back and watched him take everything in {while taking way too many photos, of course}…  He patted them, gnawed on them, licked them, and looked at them inquisitively.

IMG 9849

IMG 9854

Part way through I did introduce both the signs for ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ to him, but more than anything, I just let him investigate independently.

IMG 9855

IMG 9857

{By the way, can we just talk about this sitting for a minute?!  Goooo, Sam!}

IMG 9863

Our little hot / cold investigation lasted for more than 25 minutes, which I think is pretty incredible when it comes to a baby sticking with one thing for a period of time.  He was genuinely really interested and went back and forth between the two bottles again and again.

IMG 9866

Here he is at the end of our play…

When we were done I simply emptied out the bottles and set them out to dry so that they’re ready for us when we go to make our next set of sensory bottles.

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3 thoughts on “{Baby Play} Exploring Hot and Cold

  1. Hi Jen! This looks like such a great activity. May I ask how old was baby G at this point? I have a 7 month old and I’m trying to find sensory activities to do with him. I get worried be he’s putting everything and anything (I mean shoes and all) in his mouth.

  2. This is actually Sam.:D He was between 10 and 11 months here, so 7-8 months corrected – very similar to your little one! This is perfect for little ones who put everything in their mouths because there are no small pieces!

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