Shake and Search I Spy Bottle

Shake Search I Spy Bottle | Mama Papa Bubba

Let’s be honest here…  Who really has the patience to sit for ages making perler bead creations??  I wish I did.  Miss G and I made a few little things the other day and had fun, but truth be told, what we really wanted to do was run our fingers through them – hah!  That, or use them for something completely different {and less fine motor skill intensive} than what they’re intended for – like making a simple shake and search I spy bottle.  

IMG 6653

Dumping them into an empty water bottle using a funnel requires a minimal amount of patience and is instantly gratifying, so there’s that too. ☺

IMG 6669

The fact that we skipped the photo key {like we included on our fall nature I spy bottle and our Goodnight Moon I spy bottle} and opted for a written list-style key made this project extra quick and easy and perfect for little readers like my Miss G too!

For all of the details, pop over to CBC Parents and check out our Indoor Adventure: Shake-And-Search DIY I Spy Bottle post.

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