Cross Border Conversations

IMG 4603Headed out the door on our first Mama and Grae only States trip.


As we exited off of the highway and got onto the country-esque 8th Avenue…

Gracen: Grae Grae see horsey?

Mama: Maybe, Love. You’ll really have to watch out your windows to try to see a horsey.

Gracen: See moo?

Mama: I don’t know if we’ll see a cow, Grae. We’re almost at the border crossing now.

Gracen: Horsey, noooo. Moo, noooo. Grae Grae see baby llama? Yaaaaaah. See baby llama, pleasch, Mama??

Mama: (giggling) Sweetie, I don’t think we’re going to see a horse, cow, or baby llama today. We’ll be sure to stop and see the llamas when we go back to Manmaw’s this weekend, okay?


As we waited in line at the border crossing…

Gracen: (getting antsy while strapped into her carseat without the car moving)

Mama: Don’t worry, Grae. We just have to talk to the man at the booth and then we’ll be on our way again. (Not sure why I assumed it would be a male border crossing guard, but I did.)

Gracen: See man?

Mama: Yes, Lovey. We need to see the man to show him our passports.

Gracen: Man black man?

Mama: Hmm… I don’t know what colour the man will be, Grae.

Gracen: Papa man?

Mama: Yes, Papa is a man.

Gracen: Papa orange-y man!


As we were heading into the washroom area in Target and a large, moustached, motorbiking looking man was exiting…

Gracen: (pointing very obviously at the man) BIG MAN PEE PEE?


Never a dull moment with this little lady…

Photo taken with Instagram. Find me under jkossowan.

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