Shiny Condensed Milk Paint

Shiny Condensed Milk PaintA couple of days ago as Gracen was emptying and restocking Grandma Charlotte’s pantry shelves just for fun (obviously), she came across a can of condensed milk.  GC had no idea why she had it or what she’d ever do with it, but I had an idea… Shiny homemade paint!

I’ve made this paint tons of times to use at the painting station in my Kindergarten classrooms, and it’s always been a hit.  It’s bright and thick and glossy, and when used on an easel, it doesn’t drip.  The best part is that when it dries, it maintains its sheen.  Plus it’s super simple to make… In fact, Gracen made it mostly on her own – it’s that easy.

IMG 4204Here’s what you need to start with… A can of condensed milk, some food colouring, some small bowls or cups (muffin tins work well too), and some teaspoons.

IMG 4207To get started, we poured a little bit of condensed milk into each cup.

IMG 4206We went with 5 separate cups this time around, but you can choose to do more or less.

IMG 4210Next, Grae squirted in about 5 drops of liquid food colouring (more for an extra vibrant finish and less for a more pastel look).

IMG 4213We stuck to the basics and added purple, but obviously you can create any colours you choose.

IMG 4214Then my little helper gave each a good stir.

IMG 4217Here’s what we ended up with.

IMG 4223With our new paints made, it was time to get creating.

IMG 4224I’d say she was pleased with the results, wouldn’t you?

IMG 4227The other fun part about these paints is that they drizzle really nicely due to their thickness…  And who doesn’t love some messy fun, right?

IMG 4241Here’s the end result.  A beautiful masterpiece created by our beauty. ☺

The parts that were just painted on regularly took a few hours to dry, while the puddles took about a day and a half to lose all of their stickiness, but it does eventually dry and it does stay very shiny.  Because of the milk and sugar content of this paint, I can’t say how long it will last for, but it looks lovely for now. 


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  1. A little worried about ants though? I mean it does have some sugar in it. Ants are bound to find their way to sweet masterpiece. Correct me if I’m wrong pls? Cos if I am, then I’m definitely using this recipe! :)

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