Valentine’s Slime Sensory Tray

Valentine's Slime Sensory Tray | Mama.Papa.Bubba.

After putting together our ‘Will you be my Valen-slime?’ favours this afternoon, Miss G and I got out a few things and put together a really simple Valentine-themed slime sensory tray.

IMG 5176

Slime is just one of those things that never gets old.  Miss G’s spent quite a lot of time playing with it in the past, but was every bit as thrilled to play with it again today.

IMG 5180

Her favourite part of today’s set up was definitely the heart-shaped cookie cutters.  She’d imprint a bunch of hearts, watch them slowly melt away, and then loudly exclaim, “MAMA!  THEY DISAPPEARED!!” before making more.

IMG 5186

My favourite part was that because this batch turned out just a tad firmer than our last, there was zero mess.  It didn’t stick to her hands, it didn’t goop up the bowls and kitchen utensils, and it didn’t cling to her clothes.  (A seemingly messy activity sans the mess = win!)

IMG 5184

We left this out for most of the afternoon and evening, and Miss G came back to it again and again before it finally had to be sealed up just before dinner.  But before that happened, she wanted a guarantee that her tray and container of slime would be left out and ready for her to enjoy first thing the next morning.

IMG 5193

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7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Slime Sensory Tray

  1. I love your blog! I am planning on making a couple things already. Two questions. How long does slime last? (How long can I make it ahead for gifts?) What are you using for a “sensory tray” in the pictures above? I like that it’s clear and bigger than our jelly roll pan that I currently use.

  2. Why do you think the slime wasn’t as runny this time? I used liquid starch and it is still leaving a wetness on hands and surfaces.

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