Table Top Washi Tape Roadway

Table Top Washi Tape Road Way | Mama Papa Bubba

Have I mentioned how much I love when fun, unplanned activities just come about naturally during the day?  I do!  In fact, I often find that they’re some of our very favourites.  That’s exactly what happened today with our super simple table top roadway.


As Miss G and I were sitting outside at her miniature picnic table this morning, I noticed a bucket of Micro Machines {that belonged to her Papa when he was a child} nearby.  It took me a minute, but as we began playing with them, I remembered my brand new stash of washi tape (I may be a little obsessed) and the fact that I had ordered a road-style roll. (I ordered it from the California-based Etsy shop called The Sewing Post and it arrived in exactly a week!  You can find it here.)


With the advice of Miss G, I started by taping down a large rectangle, then filled in some very basic straight streets afterwards.

IMG 0836

Before putting our new roadway to use, Gracen created two long ‘parking lots’ to house the cars and trucks that were not in use.


Then it was time to play!

IMG 0838

Our cars moved along the roads, some zooming down the streets with wild abandon and others very cautiously taking corners at a snail’s pace.

We did go on a hunt through Grandma Charlotte’s toy bins for some ‘scenery’ afterwards, but when we were unable to find any mini trees or bushes, settled on making our own by spiralling green pipe cleaners around a finger, which worked perfectly.
Later in the evening, long after Miss G was in bed, her cousins arrived in town for her upcoming birthday party and enjoyed our roadway every bit as much as we did.  Overall, I’d say it was a huge hit.
Of course, while the road-style washi tape is fun, it’s not necessary.  Any type of washi, masking, or painter’s tape would work just as well, and if you really wanted to, you could add the dashed centre lines with a permanent marker.
See our large scale painter’s tape roadway here.

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  1. This is just great! Don’t you love a simple idea that turns out to be such a hit! Thanks for sharing with us. I’ll be filing this idea for future use with the hooligans!

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