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Today at Bright Minds we focused on spiders. Our key concepts included the fact that spiders are not insects {they eat often eat insects}, spiders have 8 legs, spiders spin webs of silk, and those webs help them to catch food.  We started the class with a really fun activity where we passed a huge ball of white wool back and forth across a circle, unraveling it and  having the kids hold onto the yarn tightly as we went.  The result was a giant collaborative spider web that I then flew giant insect figurines through in order to illustrate how spiders collect their food.

IMG 9334

Afterwards, we created our own spider webs using hole-punched paper plates and yarn, and then made handprint spiders like we do each year at Halloween to attach them.  {This is Grae’s spider and she is a girl, fyi.}

IMG 9319

Afterwards, the munchkins had two play dough stations they could explore.  Miss G chose this one first.

IMG 9330

Here’s the very leggy spider she created.

IMG 9323

Afterwards, she moved onto one of our very favourite play dough games, imprint matching, this time with all sorts of creepy crawlies.

IMG 9333

She and a few friends worked together until they’d made all of the matches, then smushed up the imprint pancakes and made new ones for each other afterwards.

It was a great class and we’re looking forward to learning all about lady bugs next week!

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