Life-Sized Self-Portrait {a family project}

Life Sized Self Portrait | Mama Papa Bubba

With Brad leaving the house as the sun comes up each morning and me leaving for tutoring the moment he walks in the door 4 days a week, sometimes it feels as though we don’t get enough time as a family.  Luckily, this weekend we’ve done a pretty good job of making the most of our time together.  After yesterday’s movie afternoon and family sleepover, this afternoon we decided to crafty with a simple life-sized self-portrait project.

IMG 3466

Gracen and I have done this project before, so she knew exactly what to do!  After carefully tracing her little body on a length of drawing paper, we added some details with pencil.

IMG 3468

Then it was time for the fun part!  Last time we did the project we used crayons, stickers, and wool to decorate, so this time we went with straight up watercolour paints.

IMG 3470

And while painting a life-sized drawing might seem a little overwhelming to Miss G on her own, painting it as a whole family was fun!  We each sort of concentrated on one area first, then helped each other out afterwards…

IMG 3472

{Looks just like her, right?}

IMG 3473

Before long, we were done.

IMG 3488

Grae would still like to cut her paper self out in the near future, but at the moment she’s hung on her bedroom door and looking fine. ;)


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