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Cupcake Play Dough Kit | Mama Papa Bubba

Another birthday party, another play dough kit. ☺  I don’t think we can help it.  I mention an upcoming birthday party, and Miss G automatically thinks, ‘play dough kit!!!’  This one, a cupcake play dough kit, was actually inspired by the little cupcake play dough favours that we gave out at Miss G’s very low-key birthday celebration we had here in Kuwait.

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When making our play dough, we decided to go with 3 basics – a white vanilla-scented dough, a yellow almond-scented dough (mmmmm!), and a brown chocolate-scented dough.

IMG 0659

For cupcake ‘toppings’, Miss G decided on buttons, colourful aquarium rocks, and plastic straw pieces to act as ‘candies, sugar, and sprinkles’ {something she knows so much about – hah!}  Just for fun we placed these into our silicon cupcake liners first, and then placed them into our usual GLIS box from Ikea.

IMG 0662

We added the rest of the baking cups, plus a silicon baking mat, and a few fun candles, and our kit was complete!

IMG 0652

Of course Miss G wanted to have a little bit of play dough fun of her own, so we created a mini kit for her too.

IMG 0664

To finish off the gift, I made a simple little tag and tied it on using our usual – baker’s twine.

IMG 0666

And that’s it.  A simple little gift ready for giving.


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6 thoughts on “Cupcake Play Dough Kit

  1. Made it, loved it! I used your kool-aid recipe to make a cherry-scented dough in place of the almond, and had enough dough with your basic recipe to make TWO kits — one for the birthday girl, and one for my daughter. Wish I had chosen slightly larger “toppings”, though. Beads aren’t that easy to pick off!

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