St. Patrick’s Day Play Dough Kit

St Patrick s Day Play Dough Kit | Mama Papa Bubba

It’s been a long while since we put together our last play dough kit, so this week I finally made time to create a new one!  And since I have a very hard time resisting anything rainbow, this time around we went with a St. Patrick’s Day play dough kit.

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First off, I made several mini batches of play dough using our very favourite no-cook play dough recipe.  This time around I skipped the Kool-Aid / Frosting Creations Flavour Mix and used our beloved Sax liquid watercolours to create the 7 colours of the rainbow.  Though we almost always use Wilton gel colouring in our doughs, I have to say that I was very pleased with how vibrant the colours came out with the liquid watercolours – they truly are amazing!

IMG 4680

Of course what would a St. Paddy’s Day play dough set be without some gold, right?  Though I desperately want the metallic set of liquid watercolours, I haven’t splurged on them just yet, so to create our shiny golden dough, I simply coloured it yellow first and then added a very generous amount of golden glitter. Done.

IMG 4683

Afterwards I placed all eight doughs into our usual play dough kit container {the GLIS divided box from IKEA}, and added the shamrocks and metallic coins I’d found at the dollar store earlier in the week.

IMG 4687

The kit was all ready for Miss G’s arrival home from Kindergarten until I stumbled upon some shamrock confetti that I had stashed away, so in that went too. ☺

IMG 4689

After her usual hour of quiet, independent play time, Miss G couldn’t wait to get her hands on the new kit.  In fact, I believe her exact words were, ‘Is that a brand new play dough kit?!?  ‘Cause if it is, this is the best. day. ever!!’  {Hah!  I so enjoy her enthusiasm.}

IMG 4693

And with that, she dove in.

IMG 4697

IMG 4699

First up came a rainbow on grass with a pot of gold nearby…

IMG 4704

And then came a rainbow fort.

IMG 4701

I’m not sure how or why Mator became part of her play, but he did and she was very pleased about it.  Something about rainbow junction if I remember correctly?

IMG 4705

IMG 4712

Of course I can’t resist a fresh batch of play dough any more than she can, so I jumped in on the rainbow fun too!

IMG 4707

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