Easter Basket Goodies for Grae & Sam

Easter Basket Goodies for Big Kid  Baby | Mama Papa Bubba

I absolutely love playing the Easter bunny, and this year, with baby bubba now here, it’s twice as much fun!  Besides the fact that I just couldn’t wait, we’ll be away for a good chunk of next week, so I figured I’d get everything picked up and ready to go this week so that I’m ready for when Easter weekend rolls around. I still have to add grass and make them look pretty, but I think we’re now pretty much good to go as far as Easter baskets are considered. ☺

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Here’s a peek at what the munchkins have hiding in their baskets this year…

IMG 5002

For baby bubba:

First off, something to wear…  A cute little spring romper and the tiniest little baseball cap I ever did see.  Two other things I’ve been on the hunt for and would have included if I’d come across them?   A pair of baby sunglasses and minimocs in robin’s egg, koala, or elk {soon!}  Next up, some bear-shaped Soothies and Gertie the Good Goose {a natural rubber teething toy} since we’ve officially entered the very drooly stage and teeth could surprise us at any moment.  Next, an addition to a collection… For Sam, this means a little wooden hen, lamb, chick, and dachshund by Holztiger.  I absolutely fell in love with these European-made wooden animals at Christmastime and started his collection with a single maple bear in his stocking.  My hope is that the collection will grow over time and be treasured for years to come.  I already know that we’re going to get endless play out of them and I can’t wait for that.  Next, something personalized…  A little name train I’ve had my eye on since he was just a tiny little thing in his NICU isolette.  Not only will it be a lovely decorative touch in his nursery, but how perfect will it be when he’s actually interested in learning how to spell his name??  Lastly and perhaps the most important part – the books!  This time around I decided to go with Richard Scarry’s Bunnies and That’s not my bunny… – both board books that’ll be perfect in his little reading nook.  Oh, and just for fun – a tiny little bunny and a miniature planting kit that his big sister will help him with, no doubt. ☺

IMG 5012

Now for Miss G…

Goodness gracious, I could have shopped for this girl’s Easter basket foooorever.  There are just SO many fun things to include for a five year old with tons of fun interests!  Luckily we’re not really people who buy our kids much on a day-to-day basis, so spoiling them a little bit on special occasions is totally okay. ☺  First up, an Easter-themed Usborne sticker book.  Miss G almost always has one or two of these on the go and she uses them non-stop during car trips and quiet playtime – a great investment in our house.  Next, two books that I’ve had my eye on for ages now… An Egg is Quiet and A Seed is Sleepy by Dianna Hutts Aston.  I can’t say enough good things about these stories.  The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and the stories combine all kinds of scientific facts with this poetic voice, which makes for a lovely combination.  Next, a few little activities…  Some solar print paper, a little sewing kit {similar}, and a wooden sign painting kit too.  Included in the things to do category is a bug viewer for my little bug collector, a mini planting kit, and some stickers.  Always stickers.  To wear, a beautiful floral crown and a spring/summer dress that coordinates with her baby brother’s little striped romper.  For treats, I got my hands on a few Denman Island dark chocolate bunnies, a dark chocolate Truffle Pig truffle, and a package of Annie’s Farm Crackers.  Lastly, something to collect…  Over the years, we’ve built Miss G’s collection of animal figurines.  They’re all different types – Safari Ltd., Wild Republic, Papo, Schleich, no name ones from The Scientific Centre Kuwait – and we use them constantly for all kinds of activities.  Though the collection has grown fairly well-rounded over the years, we’ve never really seemed to collect farm animals, so this Easter she’ll be adding a rabbit, a hen, a lamb, and some chicks to her collection.  Oh, and just like Sam – a tiny bunny stuffy just for fun.

Easter Baskets | Mama Papa Bubba

Well, that’s it…  Easter basket goodies for baby bubba and big sis!


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9 thoughts on “Easter Basket Goodies for Grae & Sam

  1. Great choices! I need to get on my Easter shopping. I love the baskets themselves. Would you mind sharing where you got them?

  2. I sell Usborne in the Lower Mainland, if you ever find yourself needing a book! My DD is 4 and her basket is also filled with books and many inedible goodies. Love your ideas though, and may steal a bunch to pad up her basket!!

    1. I forgot to mention – my blog can be found at Loquacious Family. :) I have added a comment here to include that link. So glad your family is healthy and settled again in the area! Forgot to mention that I’ve been reading ya since you were still overseas. A belated welcome back!!

  3. If you like wooden toys, there are a few websites you might enjoy (though obviously you’re all set for now!): nest.ca, imaginechildhood.com and novanatural.com. Love your Easter baskets. We’ll be keeping it simple at our home. We celebrate Jesus is alive, for us definitely a reason to throw a party. O yes there will be chocolate! This season is such a happy one, blossom everywhere, more light, more warmth; can’t wait for Easter. May your first Easter as a family of four be wonder-full!!

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