A SURPRISE for Grae & Sam!

We’ve been keeping a little secret from the kiddos for the past few weeks and I was SO excited to finally get to do the big reveal today.  Thankfully it was it was a gorgeous afternoon, so Sam and I walked to school to pick up Miss G, which allowed me to capture her reaction as we turned the corner onto our street and our front yard came into view.  I had no idea how she’d react {kids can be a little bit unpredictable when surprised, can’t they?}, but she was so, so thrilled when she finally realized what it was and that it was ours to keep.

Here’s how it went down…

SO fun, right?!  I remember thinking that having a trampoline would be the absolute coolest thing when I was young.  Thankfully, they’ve come a long ways in terms of safety since then and this one by Springfree Trampoline is considered the safest trampoline in the world thanks to its flexible composite rods {instead of traditional metal springs}, hidden frame, SoftEdge mat, and flexible net enclosure.  Thank goodness for that because given the reaction of many of the neighbour kids this afternoon, our house is going to be a pretty popular hang out this summer. :) Now bring on the sunshine and long days spent outdoors… I’m ready!




Disclosure:  We received a free Springfree Trampoline in exchange for sharing its awesomeness with our followers.  All opinions are my own {of course!} and I wouldn’t share if we didn’t truly love it.  {Fun fact: the beach resort that was our second home in Kuwait had a Springfree Trampoline that we logged many, many hours on in the desert sun.}


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3 thoughts on “A SURPRISE for Grae & Sam!

  1. O my… After being hesitant for years I finally decided last week we should go for a trampoline…. but exactly that day there was an article in the Dutch news that there had been a big research and ALL trampolines failed testing of various kinds, resulting in an immediate ban! According to that article, there is no such thing as a safe trampoline…! On the other hand… they ride bikes, climb trees, and so on… what to do??? It looks like sooo much fun!!

    1. Hey Talitha! I was at a behind the scenes tour at the children’s hospital not long ago and the paediatric surgeon did joke that they’re kept in business between monkey bars and trampolines – oy! I don’t think I’d ever consider a traditional one, but after seeing and using the Springfree many, many times, I do think it’s different. It may not be 100% “safe” (says the girl who is so accident prone it’s not even funny), but the risk factors are drastically reduced in my opinion. If you’re interested, check out the video at the top of this page if you’re interested: http://www.springfreetrampoline.ca/safety-benefits. :)

  2. We got a trampoline last year for my daughters 5th birthday and she loved it. They’re EVERYWHERE here – Perth, Australia. Most gardens have them, if not out the back, in the front garden, but somehow, I never see kids on them. It was the biggest draw card at first but these days, unless we get on with our daughter, it’s difficult to get her on there. We tend to spend longer afternoons at school these days. The new thing for her is the monkey bars … And a lot of playgrounds don’t have them so she’s keen to master it so by the time she gets home, it’s down time for a little while before dinner and then weekends we’re out and about. Whenever she has friends over though, she uses it, for jumping, setting up cubbies, tea parties, you name it! They’re classed as dangerous but so are cars and sharks and monkey bars (and trees and bikes as you mentioned above). That’s what kids do. They’ll have great fun – especially the fact it’s in the front garden to share with other kids! We used to go up the road to someone else’s – they had the same kid as you, we don’t. They’re good!

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