DIY Slime Kit

DIY Slime Kit

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love putting together fun gifts for kids.  It’s my jam.  There was a period in time when Miss G was a preschooler where I’m pretty sure every one of her friends got a play dough kit of some sort when their birthday rolled around, but we’ve also done LEGO kits, writing kits, art kits, car kitsbaking kits, sensory play kits, craft kits, science kits, peg doll family kits, travel activity kits – wheeew.  The list could go on.  The kit-style kid gift is obviously my go-to.  It requires no actual making of things…  Simply collect items, pop them into a container of some sort, make the kit look somewhat pretty / organized, and you’re good to go.  Truthfully, when we make kits as gifts, we don’t even bother wrapping them.  We just add a tag with some baker’s twine and call it good.

This DIY slime kit is one of our more recent diy gifts put together for my sweet, slime-loving niece Kinslee for Christmas last year. Well, apparently it was well liked, because guess what we’re putting together for her for her upcoming birthday….  Yup – another DIY slime kit!  {G’s also got one on her birthday wish list, so maybe I should just shop for two while I’m at it?}

DIY Slime Kit

Here’s a peek at our collection of kit items once we had done our shopping…

DIY Slime Kit

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The first step in the collection process?  Picking out a slime recipe book to include in the kit.  There were a surprising number of options at our local bookstore, and while they all looked pretty good, I ended up picking The Slime Book over the others simply because I liked the fact that it didn’t advertise its recipes as ‘borax free’ like the others did.  {Silly, I know… I don’t know why it bothers me, but slime recipes that are made using laundry starch, detergent, contact lens solution, etc. all work because those products contain some form of borax.  Therefore, not borax free. Hmmm…}

DIY Slime Kit

I also really liked how it included this little shopping list in the front…  Made the job of collecting things super easy!

DIY Slime Kit

We were able to find everything else between our local dollar store and the big box grocery store we often shop at, which I thought was pretty good.  Here’s exactly what we included in the kit…

– 2 bottles of this clear glue {though this clear glue is a much better deal and what I was looking for in the first place}

Bausch + Lomb re-nu fresh contact lens solution

– a large bottle of Elmer’s white glue

– a box of baking soda

DIY Slime Kit

– a can of shaving foam

– a container of cornstarch

– a couple of bottles of glitter {which is terrible for the environment, I know…  we’ve stopped buying it for use at home, but I’d love to find a more earth-friendly version for situations like these… any suggestions?

– a package of neon liquid food colouring

– a package of regular liquid food colouring

DIY Slime Kit

– a set of silicone spatulas

– a set of silicone measuring spoons

DIY Slime Kit

We also included loads of fun add-ins, some of which were from the list at the front of the book and some of which were inspired by flipping through the slime recipes themselves:

googly eyes

acrylic snowflakes

sparkly pompoms

faux rhinestones

rainbow sequins

big acrylic jewels

small acrylic jewels

Of course you could really add any fun little bits and bobs you find to your kit!

DIY Slime Kit

We also picked up some little containers to put all of the little bits in:

– taller glass craft bottles {these ones are similar but have cork tops}

shorter glass craft bottles

interlocking craft containers

DIY Slime Kit

DIY Slime Kit

The containers aren’t necessary, but I do think it makes it easier for slime kit recipient to manage all of the loose parts and it certainly makes the finished kit look more put together.

DIY Slime Kit

With everything ready to go, we placed everything neatly in a white bin we’d picked out…

DIY Slime Kit

And that was it.

DIY Slime Kit

To finish it off, we slid the book into the back and attached a big old-school mail tag that said ‘Kinslee’s SLIME KIT’ onto one of the bin’s handles, and our DIY slime kit gift was done!

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  1. You asked about environmentally friendly alternatives to glitter. How about sprinkles and other edible cake decorations?

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