Mama Happy?

Gracen: (standing 5 feet away while pretending to rub hands together)  Dry, dry, dry, Mama?  Hands dry, dry, dry?

Mama: Are you hands wet, Grae?

Gracen: (slowly nodding while shaking her head) Dirty.

Mama:  Your hands are dirty? Do you mean ‘wash, wash, wash’?

Gracen: (nodding, cautiously shows hand with thumb and pointer all covered in orange-ish guck, worried look on her face) Mama happy?  Mama happy?

Mama: (puzzled and running through the laundry list of things that could be the source of the guck)

Gracen:  (now nodding purposefully and looking as though she’s trying to convince me of the fact that I am indeed feeling happy)  Happy Mama?

Mama:  (stern mommy voice in play) What did you get into, Lulu?

Gracen:  Nooooo.  Mama happy!

Mama:  Show Mama what you were touching.

Gracen:  (puts head down and reluctantly walks to the kitchen)

Mama: (quickly surveying the scene) What were you touching, Grae?

Gracen:  (slowly raises arm and points to counter with the fruit bowl on it)

Mama: (sees the step stool pulled up to the counter and a very ripe mango with a giant finger poke hole in it)

Gracen:  (cocks head to the side and stretches on a forced little smile) Mama happy?

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