Simple Apple Tree Addition Game

Simple Apple Tree Addition Game | Mama Papa Bubba

Throughout our days together, it’s not unusual for Gracen to come up to me and say something like, ‘Okay, Mama.  There are 3 little ducks swimming in the pond at the park.  2 more ducks come to swim.  How many ducks are there now?’  The girl comes prepared, too.  More times than not, she has a pencil sketch on a huge piece of white paper in her arms to help illustrate the problem.  She waits for my response eagerly, then pauses to calculate the total herself once she’s received my answer.  I get a peppy ‘Yup!  You are right!’ and then it’s my turn to create a story problem for her to solve.  This goes on again and again.  

That’s how this very simple apple tree addition game came about.  I wanted something as easy to pull together as last year’s snowman counting game, as well as something she could play either with someone else or independently {which is where the dice come in}.


For detailed instructions pop on over to CBC Parents to check out our Simple Apple Tree Addition Game post.

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