Mermaid Play Dough Kit

Mermaid Play Dough Kit | Mama Papa BubbaPlay dough kits.  We can’t stop making them.  Not for ourselves, and not for our friends.  Tomorrow morning we’re headed to a preschool co-op play date combined with a little birthday celebration, and since the birthday girl requested a mermaid themed celebration, we thought we’d make her a mermaid play dough kit to match. ☺

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Grae and I talked about our play dough colours ahead of time and then I made it this afternoon during quiet play time.  She decided that there had to be sand play dough {because mermaids live in the ocean, obviously}, we had to have some water-coloured play dough {we went for blue and teal}, and there needed to be some green to make seaweed and fish out of too.  We used our regular no-cook play dough recipe and added glitter to everything but the sand dough ‘because mermaids like sparkles’.

IMG 1418

Of course a mermaid play dough kit also needs a mermaid.  And while I’m not a Barbie fan, this Merliah Barbie Mermaid was the only small mermaid I could find during my toy store tour around Kuwait, so she’s what we went with.

IMG 1420

As usual, we used a GLIS Box to house our kit, and added some aquarium seaweed, some glass gems, some sea shells, and sea glass to the compartments.

IMG 1425

Then we laid our mermaid on the bed of seaweed and our kit was complete!

IMG 1425

Here’s the finished product…

IMG 1426

Before gifting a play dough kit, I do always put the dough into a large zip close bag in order to ensure freshness, so we did that, tied the box with baker’s twine, and added a little ‘mermaid play dough kit’ tag.  Done – a simple gift that will hopefully encourage lots of play and creativity!


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9 thoughts on “Mermaid Play Dough Kit

  1. Hi Jen I love your playdough sets and really want to make some to keep the boredom away in the school hols! What type of colouring do you use to make your colours realistic? Thanks again your ideas are great! :)

    1. Hi Donna! For play dough, we use Wilton gel colours exclusively. They’re super vibrant and come in a huge assortment of gorgeous colours!

  2. Jen … I love the idea of play dough kits! We have been doing them ourselves … it’s soooo much fun. Thankyou for sharing and your inspiration! :D

  3. I LOVE this idea! I made a mermaid one for a gift last week and bought enough to make two more of the same and one construction one and a dinosaur one. I can’t however figure out what awesome containers you used. When I look up GLIS at IKEA it’s entirely different. Would love to get the ones you have! Thanks!

  4. Hi Jen me and the kiddies have had loads of fun making playdough using your recipe- the dough comes out really nice but after a couple of days its really sticky and we have to add loads of flour again- do you have this problem with the recipe or am I doing something wrong? Thanks again for your great ideas! ☺

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