Fall Play Dough Kit

Fall Play Dough Kit | Mama Papa Bubba

As usual in our house, a new season means new play dough kits, and what better way to start off fall than with a fall-themed play dough kit?!  Grae and I have been collecting little odd and ends for this one for the last couple of weeks, so we were really excited to finally put it all together and play with it this morning… {Fyi, It smells amaaaazing!}

Fall Play Dough Scents | Mama Papa Bubba

First up, our doughs…  Because a couple of these are doughs that require a little bit more than our usual super easy no-cook dough, I actually made these while Miss G was at Kindergarten this week, which meant she was so excited to smell them all and guess the scents this morning.  Here’s how I made each:

Caramel apple – I made a small batch of our caramel apple pie dough and just cut out the half pack of apple pie Frosting Creations to make it straight caramel apple.

Pumpkin spice – For this one, I used some leftover pumpkin puree from our latest batch of pumpkin pancakes and made a small batch of our pumpkin spice play dough.

Maple hazelnut – I made a half batch of our go-to no-cook play dough recipe and replaced the Kool-Aid / Frosting Creations pack with about a teaspoon of maple extract and a teaspoon of hazelnut extract, then added some yellow food colouring.

Cinnamon – For this one I made a half batch of our go-to no-cook play dough recipe and replaced the Kool-Aid / Frosting Creations pack with about two teaspoons of ground cinnamon and added a little bit of brown food colouring.

Also in the running for this kit was our chia tea latte play dough {which we love}, but in the end cinnamon seemed like the quicker option for brown dough, so I went with that.

IMG 3653{this post contains affiliate links}

Next up, our collected goods…  Despite our fairly extensive cookie cutter collection, we had little to nothing that was fall-themed, so we picked up several fall-themed cookie cutters from our local Michael’s store first {this R&R autumn cookie cutter set looks very similar and offers more variety} and grabbed a packet of faux fall leaves from the dollar store {real fall leaves would obviously be much nicer, but as they crisp up, they’d most likely crumble and get mixed into the doughs unless you replaced them regularly}.  We also picked up a packet of cinnamon sticks and collected some pinecones and acorns while out and about on our walks and adventures around the city.  Lastly, we went with a GLIS divided container from Ikea to house our fall play dough kit {as always}. You can find all kinds of divided container options, but we love these because they stack really nicely and seem to be the perfect size for what we like to like to include in our play dough kits.

IMG 3667

Then we simply placed everything into our GLIS box and our fall play dough kit was ready to go.

IMG 3671

Of course Miss G wasted no time digging in.

IMG 3680

IMG 4684

There was a ‘fall forest fair’ for some of our Papo animals

IMG 3675

IMG 3676

There were fall cookies…

IMG 3693

There was pie…

IMG 3696

IMG 3698

And eventually there was a whole bake shop called ‘Rose’s Plate’. ☺  Needless to say, we had fun.

IMG 3665

Afterwards, we simply packed everything back into the box and put it away for next time…  And while this little kit is for Miss G, I think it would make for a fun and unique gift when paired with a fall book like Autumn is Here by Heidi Pross Gray or Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka too.


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5 thoughts on “Fall Play Dough Kit

  1. I love all your Play dough kits, we’ve made a few of them! Are those black-and-white striped placements you use? I noticed on alot of your activities with Grae you’ll use them on the table. Super cute idea!! :)

  2. I really love this post on playdough. My girls are 10 and 12 and you’d think they were way past playdough age. Think again! This morning, my 10-year-old and I made a batch of apple playdough (we picked apples at a farm last week so I made fresh applesauce for it) and it’s the only thing they’ve been playing with since! Sealed in a gallon ziploc, the playdough has alternatively served as beret, play ball and just play thing. My goal is to prep 3 or 4 colors for a day out in the forest tomorrow and to use it to create autumn forest shapes. Thanks for the recipes!

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