Duck Pond Sensory Bin

Duck Pond Sensory Bin | Mama Papa Bubba

On the way home from a little mama/daughter photo shoot  today, Gracen asked if we could build a duck pond.  I’m not sure where how or why this request came about, but I was as game as she was.

IMG 7960

It’s been a while since we’ve put together a new sensory bin and what I loved this time around was that instead of me putting something together for her to explore and investigate, we created this one together.  Very similar to a frog pond sensory bin we’ve played with before, our duck pond sensory bin included glass beads in blues and greens, rocks, driftwood, some flowered branches from the yard, and a couple of toy ducks we already had on hand.

IMG 7962

In order to make it outdoor-friendly, the pond’s water was nice and warm.

IMG 7970

So warm apparently that Miss G didn’t mind getting her entire body soaking wet.

IMG 7966

Grae played for a little while before moving onto more exciting things with Grandma Charlotte, but I know she’ll get lots more play out of it once the excitement level gets back to normal around here.

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